6. Before Sunset (2004); What if you had a second chance with the one that got away?

Before Sunset

Directed by Richard Linklater

Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

I loved the whole concept of making a sequel to Before Sunrise. The story that they added along to the first wasn’t as interesting, but it was still really entertaining. Their conversations are so deep and intellectual that it makes all other conversations seem materialistic and lazy. I love it.

So, here’s a summary- Nine years later, Jesse is finishing up his international book tour and runs into Celine right after his last interview. They are forced into the same time-crunch as before, but still decide to up and walk around Paris together. At first their conversations are pretty boring, but as the movie continues, the character’s real emotions and feelings come out.

There are three interviewers that are asking him questions and I think by having those interviewers, it was a great way to remind the audience about their initial thoughts towards the ending of Before Sunrise. The three interviewers represent the three possible endings of Jesse and Celine’s first meeting. There was the romantic that was convinced that the characters meet up and live happily ever after (Jesse and Celine really do meet up); The cynic that doesn’t think they ever meet up again (Neither show up ); And the middle-man who wants them to meet up but is doubtful about the whole situation (One of them shows and the other doesn’t). I thought this was a great way to leave the audience hanging until the two characters discuss it later in the film.

I have to say that I didn't really like Celine in this movie, as comparison to the first. In Before Sunrise, she seemed more independent and not as “girly” about everything. She was kind of tough and to the point. In Before Sunset, she seemed to dance about the subject a little and not be so straightforward. For example, the two of them discuss whether or not they had made love on their first night, and instead of admitting that she remembers (like she does a few minutes after) she pretends that she doesn’t remember. For being a character based on “living in the moment”, I thought that was a bad way to show it. That conversation just made her look insecure. I just didn’t understand that whole part. However, she exclaims to Jesse later that reading his book brought back all kinds of feelings and emotions that she couldn’t really explain. I thought her “break down” was more her original character- saying exactly what she felt. Don’t get me wrong, I love her character and all the crazy ideas that she had in her head, but I just wanted a little bit more consistency. But then again, people may change a lot over nine years.

I mentioned something about the wardrobe in the Before Sunrise entry, but I will mention it again about Before Sunset. What was the casting department thinking?! I can’t believe that they would go through the entire ordeal of making this movie and not give Ethan Hawke a BELT!? It made his character look uncomfortable as a professional and just plain dumb. I thought that Julie Deply looked beautiful, but…really? I tucked in patterned shirt without a belt?! Grr.

I thought this movie was pretty good. I definitely like Before Sunrise more, but putting both films together, I thought it was really awesome.

On the Becki Scale- I give it a 4.

*Oh, another thing- I didn't notice until I saw this film that the scenes shown in the opening credits are the places that the two characters go to throughout the movie. Duh. Pretty sweet idea though.


5. Before Sunrise (1995)

Before Sunrise

Directed by Richard Linklater

Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

Best Director, Silver Berlin Bear, Berlin International Film Festival

*Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke were nominated for Best Kiss in the 1995 MTV Awards

This movie was awesome. Totally in love with it.

Jesse, an American tourist, is traveling though Vienna and on the train meets Celine, a French graduate student. After some conversation, the both of them sense a deep connection to the other and decide to spend the rest of the day/night walking around Vienna. After learning everything about each other, they are forced to part after only one night.

While the entire story is based around these two character’s getting to know each other, the dialogue is obviously an important part. Their subjects seemed to change just as normal conversations would. The setting in which they spoke was also really important though. One of my favorite scenes towards the end of the movie was when they were sitting in a restaurant pretending to speak to their friends on the phone. It was a great way to show the audience what the two of them were thinking and feeing. Normally, I think screenwriters show the character’s motivation and emotions towards things through conversations or actions with other characters in the story, but in this film, there really wasn’t any other way. Another one of my favorite scenes was when they were playing pinball in the bar. It seemed like a great way to shift attention back and forth between the two characters.

Both Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy did such amazing jobs in this film. Their conversations were portrayed so well and flowed so easily that I forgot I was watching a movie. I was completely wrapped up in both of their stories. Their on-screen chemistry seemed flawless and at some points I swear I could actually feel their tension. I bet they became really good friends during this movie- lots of rehearsing!

Did anyone else notice that he changed his sweater in the beginning of the movie? She had the same dress on but he changed from a red sweater to a t-shirt and jacket after getting off the train. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation behind this, but it bugged me throughout the entire movie. Also, I forgot that people can leave luggage and bags in lockers or containers at train stations. I was wondering where all his bags were until the very end when he magically got them back.

I am now a fan of Ethan Hawke. Like I said before, I think in the real world he is a little to cocky, but after this movie and Reality Bites I think he really is pretty talented. I would love to see a few more of his films!

I wish that I could have seen this movie before I knew that Before Sunset was created. I think that like I would feel a little different towards Before Sunrise, had I thought that the end truly was the end. I guess I need to watch Before Sunset now… : )

On the Becki Scale- I give it an 8.


4. Reality Bites (1994); Life is always funny when it happens to someone else.

Reality Bites

Directed by Ben Stiller

Starring Ethan Hawke, Winona Ryder, and Ben Stiller

First of all, let me mention that this movie has two taglines: “Life is always funny when it happens to someone else” and “A comedy about love in the 90’s.” Thought it was interesting that they couldn’t pick one. Maybe that’s a normal thing to have two taglines…. What do I know? Though, I have to say that I probably wouldn’t describe this film as a comedy. Is that their point? That life in the 90’s was dramatic? That it was funny that life in the 90’s is actually very dramatic but that’s what people thought was funny?

Reality Bites is a drama about four college graduates and how they each are dealing with life right after school. Winona Ryder plays Lelaina, the valedictorian of her graduating class who is interested in entering the entertainment industry through means of a documentary. The documentary follows her and three friends through the first ups and downs of life in the real world. Her best friend Troy (Ethan Hawke) is a failing musician and an extreme pessimist. Vickie (Janeane Garofalo) is worried about how her over-sexual lifestyle is going to affect the results of her recent AIDS tests, while Sammy (Steve Zahn) is coming to terms with his homosexuality. Lelaina meets Michael (Ben Stiller) who is an executive in the reality television industry and tries to help her by convincing his company to adopt her documentary. But while Lelaina grows feelings for Michael, she can’t ignore the distant emotions still felt towards Troy.

This movie basically just attacks human values and the way that different people deal with stress. The possession of money is the easiest way to distinguish some of the debating values between two opposite characters, like those shown between Troy and Michael. Lelaina is forced to choose between living a life based on materialistic values or philosophical insight. With Michael, it’s all about “making money” and not truly about quality- the opposite of Troy. Very similar to the plot of The Notebook. Lon Hammond or Noah Calhoun?

I really enjoyed this quote from Troy in the film- “There’s no point to any of this. It’s all just a random lottery of meaningless tragedy and a series of near escaped. So I take pleasure in the details. You know, a Quarter-Pounder with cheese, those are good, the sky about ten minutes before it starts to rain, the moment where your laughter becomes a cackle…. and I sit back and I smoke my pack of Camel Straights and ride my own melt.” This is the type of attitude that could make you feel like a strong and opinionated individual, but in reality, just makes you a lazy bum.

One of the main things that I liked about this film was the fact that the stories and feelings of each individual character actually seem realistic. I understand that’s the whole idea, but they really were very easy to relate to. Each character had their own sense of charm and charisma that separated them from each other but also helped expand the plot to connect with a bunch of different lifestyles that are most likely presented in the audiences that enjoyed it. While one character is dealing with their sexual lifestyle, the other is verbally tearing down the United States government or the overall American society. I just see those issues occurring in any clique.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the style of the film. Shots from Lelaina’s documentary are shown as shots of the actual movie and I thought that was an interesting way to show that, while we aren’t seeing her film her friends all the time, she is still filming and creating her documentary.

Most of the time, I notice the wardrobe of characters in films. Color symbolism and different styles are an interesting way to decipher what’s about to happen in movies. In Reality Bites, I really only noticed one thing. Throughout the movie, Troy was dressed with more a sloppy look, plaids and jeans, t-shirts and shorts, but Michael was always in a suit or tie. This was obviously done to show the amount of money that each character owned, but also just to reiterate the fact that Michael was more materialistic and that Troy didn’t care. So, I thought it was interesting that the audience sees Lelaina send Michael away when he is dressed in casual attire, and choose Troy when he is dressed in a suit and tie.

Also, let me just add this- I love Winona Ryder. Ever since I saw Girl, Interrupted I have loved everything I’ve seen her in. Except Mermaid.

And this- Ethan Hawke seems like such a jerk, but I really liked his portrayal of Troy in this film. Thought he did a really good job. We liked him, but we hated him too. Perfect.

On the Becki Scale- I give it a 7.


3. La science des rêves (2006); Close your eyes. Open your heart.

The Science of Sleep

Written and directed by Michel Gondry

Starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg

Best Music Score 2007 (Cannes Film Festival);

Best Visual Design 2007 (Chloturdis Awards)

“In dreams, emotions are overwhelming.” Actually, I think this movie is overwhelming. It took me a while to finish this movie, but it took me even longer to write this entry.

The main concept in this movie is the comparison between dreams and reality. Everything in this film is somehow linked to that concept which then expands to affect some other aspect of the plot. It seems to be this big circle that it fit perfectly together to make one of the most interesting and though provoking movies that I have ever seen.

This story revolves around Stephane, a young and creative artist that left Mexico to move to Paris to be closer to his recently widowed mother. He lands a job at a calendar making company where he is picked on by his co-workers. He falls in love with his neighbor, Stephanie, who carries the same corky imagination and artistic talent. While trying to sort through the day-to-day, he focuses on his dreams and tries to understand them and how they relate to his reality.

This movie seems a bit backward. Most of the time, it’s the things experienced throughout the day that have an impact on your dreams that night. But in this film, it is Stephane’s dreams that influence what happens throughout the day. There is a strange link from his dreams to his real life that kind of has a pathological feel. For example, while having a conversation with Stephanie in the hallway, he stops and asks if he is dreaming. Most of the time, he has to “wake himself up” and differentiate actuality from his dreams. For another example, he was dreaming about slipping a note under Stephanie’s door, and after waking up, he sees that he actually did it. Kind of like sleep-walking. This disconnection simply adds to the many internal struggles that he is going through. While trying to come to terms with his mother’s relationships and the loss of his father, Stephane also is constantly struggling to understand the languages spoken around him. English, Spanish, and French are all languages spoken, sometimes in the same conversations. This just adds to Stephane’s problem of communication. His dialogue was very blunt and juvenile. It almost seemed that he had verbal diarrhea. While his conversations and general attitude seemed close to ignorance, he communicates his emotions through his dreams and his art.

The art used in this film is very unique. My favorite part was all of the cardboard pieces found in Stephane’s dream “office,” or his cardboard car. With art serving as Stephane’s escape, it also is an important link between him and Stephanie. The two of them create interesting scenes and pieces, most of them completely random. Another one of my favorite parts of the movie is when they turn on the kitchen sink and different colors of blue cellophane pour out like water.

The random mentioning of sex is an interesting aspect to the plot of this film. The actual art of sex isn’t portrayed, but comments and suggestions are made that definitely make it a constant topic. Stephane’s co-worker and friend, Guy, is the character that represents the normal male that is then compared to Stephane. Stephane is dealing with all the confusion in his life, and while doing so, he kind of escapes from being a macho man concerning himself with sex and shallow relationships and focuses on his art and unclear relationship with Stephanie. I still don’t really understand why all the sexual references are important to the plot. My only reasoning is that it furthers Stephane’s overall confusion with reality, while not really affecting his “dream-life” at all.

Another thing about his dreams becoming reality is how it affects his relationship with Stephanie. While he complains that the she is never in his dreams, it kind of parallels how he’s not really ready to be with her, or that she is not really ready to be with him. Once she actually appears in his dreams, they are able to talk out some of their issues in reality and hopefully figure them out together.

The use of stop-motion in this film is wonderful. I’m not sure if that statement is just because I have a deep love for stop-motion ANYTHING, but it makes all the art seem even more unique and specific to the minds of Stephane and Stephanie.

On the Becki scale, I give it a 6.


2. Shopgirl (2005); Relationships don’t always fit like a glove.

Directed by Anand Tucker

Written by Steve Martin

Starring Steve Martin, Claire Danes, Jason Schwartzman

Author of Novel and Screenplay; Steve Martin

This film revolves around a young girl named Mirabelle (Daines) who is working at Saks 5th Avenue in Los Angeles, California. She meets this quirky and somewhat immature guy named Jeremy (Schwartzman) while doing her laundry one night. A few days after meeting him, she meets this wealthy, sophisticated man named Ray Porter (Martin) and he blows her away with gifts and attention. She then struggles to stabilized and define her relationship with Ray Porter while Jeremy is off following a band on tour for a few months.

A love triangle? You would think. The thing about this movie is that she isn’t really deciding between the two at all. While I watched the movie, I thought that she was, but she wasn’t. She picked Ray Porter. He just ended up being the wrong one. So she then went to Jeremy. Nice back-up plan.

Communication is the real issue in this movie. If Ray Porter had flat out said, “This is nothing serious. I just want your body.” Then there would be no confusion. All this plays in contrast to her relationship with Jeremy. The two of them seemed a little more straightforward. Take for instance their meet cutes. While Ray Porter deceives Mirabelle with a purchase of a pair of gloves, Jeremy straight up asks for her number. While this plays to forecasting the result of each relationship, I also think that their meetings are also huge parts of each development of characters. Mirabelle went out of her comfort box to go out with Jeremy and then completely shocked herself when she ended up dating Ray Porter.

Like any other love triangle-based movie, monetary stability is always a deciding factor. Lon or Noah? On one hand, the wealthy and lovable Ray Porter. And on the other, Jeremy, the one that makes you laugh, but also makes you want to rip your hair out with frustration.

Now, this is one of my main issues with the movie. While Jeremy is “on tour” with this band (Who turned out to be the Red House Painters, by the way. Amazing!) he was forced by the band to listen to these self-actualization cassette tapes. When he got back to L.A. and saw Mirabelle we are supposed to believe that he changed so much. But, why have Jeremy change his life around because of these weird tapes? Why not let him really connect to the lead singer and have hardcore intense conversations with him all the time about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. I thought that this was a very strange way to allow Jeremy evolve to become the guy Mirabelle needs him to be. On that note, Jeremy and Mirabelle are both changing drastically throughout the movie, while Ray Porter stays identically the same until the very end when he realizes what jerk he is. I thought this was a wonderful thing to notice while watching the movie. It sort of linked the two characters together even while they were apart. Character transformations were mostly done through wardrobe and costuming in this film, which I always love to notice. Their three apartments were drastically different, showing their separate style and priories.

The artistic elements used in the film were really wonderful. I am a big fan of color symbolism and I was watching some of the special features where the designers of costume and set both spoke of the different colors used in the movie to reveal change. It was really interesting to hear their thought process. Just in case you were wondering, this was the pattern of color used: cool greens and blues to show contentment; more bolds and reds to show abrupt passion and romance; yellows to show happiness, both light and deep blue to symbolize depression; pastels to show evolution of change almost back to the beginning’s contentment; and then more bold colors to show stability and love.

Random: I loved how she had to walk up and down and then up again to get to her apartment. Showed the “rollercoaster” that she was going through.

Throughout the movie, Mirabelle is drawing this one piece of art. With every intense change in the movie she would color the white square’s perimeter with a thicker black, making the square smaller. This, to me, symbolized her sanity and stress level. She was trapping herself in one bad relationship that seemed to be the only thing on her mind. Art was used pretty heavily in this film. Creation of art was shown as a connection between Jeremy and Mirabelle, while art appreciation, such as visiting art galleries, was shown to connect her to Ray Porter. Art also helped us subconsciously be reminded the Ray Porter has money and Jeremy doesn’t. Usually it’s the poor that paint and the rich that buy.

I thought this movie was just alright. Maybe I need to watch it again. On the Becki Scale, I give it a 5.


1. Annie Hall (1977); A nervous romance.

Directed by Woody Allen
Starring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton
Best Picture 1977, Best Director 1977, Best Actress in a Leading Role 1977, and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen 1977

This film follows Alvy Singer (Allen), a comedian living in New York City, through his unstable and neurotic relationship with girlfriend Annie Hall (Keaton). Alvy reminded me a lot of Billy Crystal’s “Harry Burns” in the beginning of When Harry Met Sally. He was very cynical and conscious of death during the movie to the point where you felt bad for him. Annie was a amateur singer and photographer that turned student. She was very unstable and anxious throughout the movie, and I’m not sure if that was because of Diane Keaton’s lack of diverse talent or because Annie was really supposed to come off as a little unintelligent.

This film is a basic model of the female psyche versus that of the males. After watching about half of the movie I came to the conclusion that this was the typical girl vs guy expression. I thought that the way that Annie dealt with their relationship was very different than that of Alvy’s. Whatever feelings of doubt or hesitation Annie felt, she expressed through various emotionally unhealthy ways, such as keeping thoughts and opinions to herself instead of saying them straight away. While she was off doing all of that, Alvy would simply make a joke and fill the problem with comedy. While this is somewhat true, the rest of the movie made me change my mind. Annie and Alvy did deal with their relationship problems different and with some of the movie supporting these stereotypical differences in men and women, there were a few things that made me rethink my original idea. Normally, women are the ones that overanalyze and confuse themselves about small details that guys overlook. I felt that in Annie Hall the cliché was switched. He was the one that followed her around and over processed every aspect of their relationship. He was the one that couldn’t move on after they broke up and whose life was changed more dramatically than hers.

The use of drugs was an interesting aspect to add to the film. It was a great way to remind the audience of the 1970’s setting of the movie, but also to show distinctive differences between the two characters. Annie relied on the use of drugs so heavily in their relationship that it constantly made them argue or discuss the fact that Alvy didn’t.

(Let me just say that I couldn’t get over how young everyone was in this film. I understand that growing up is what they should be doing, but it was just very strange to see a young Christopher Walken without his normal “charms.”)

I have only seen a few of Woody Allen’s films, but his style seemed a lot different in this one than those I have previously viewed. Since the film was based around Alvy retelling the relationship through the ending, he used a few techniques to help us remember that he is the one remembering all the details. Alvy starts the movie with a monologue of his overall views towards the world around him and the relationships that take place in them. Sometimes, he even used animation to portray his attitude of the situation. During the “flashback scenes” he would sometimes break mode and turn to speak directly to the camera and the audience. This was a constant reminder that we never really heard Annie’s side of the story.

One thing I have noticed about Woody Allen’s films is that they always seem to be based in one major city. In Vicky Cristina Barcelona, it was Barcelona. In Match Point, it was London. In Annie Hall, it was based in New York City. The cities he uses always play very important roles in the plots and I felt that NYC was a great choice for this particular movie. As they discuss in the movie, NYC was portrayed as a dying city, one to play symbolism alongside their dying relationship. When the couple vacation to California, it becomes clearer that they are truly two very different people that are going in different directions.

I thought that his movie was great. On the Becki-scale… I give it a 7.


Joly's 15 : )

I am actually writing a new entry! I know, get excited Ben. : )

So, I never really know what to write about here. I am not a fan of the really personalized blogs. You know, the one's that list the things that person ate that day? Ew. BUT I thought that I would at least try and make this a little more focused by talking about something specific rather than whatever I thought was cool at the moment.

I have a friend at work who let me borrow some of her favorite movies. And I have never seen ANY of them! We are so similar too, so it was very surprising. Anyway, I have decided to write a little something about each of the movies after I watch them. This will make me write more entries and you all can keep me accountable for them.

There are 15 movies total : )


"There Goes Your Fear" by Doves

Ever since I saw (500) Days Of Summer, I have listened to the soundtrack an unfathomable number of times. In addition to movie soundtracks like The Holiday, I think that the (500) soundtrack can be enjoyed at any time of the day. You can listen to it while you are waking up, driving to class, or even while eating ice cream and watching infomericals in the middle of the night. I especially love the Doves' "There Goes The Fear" and have decided to post the video. I think it is really cool, trippy like Across the Universe, but cool none the less. Let me know what you think!


Once upon a time, in Nazi occupied France...

Inglourious Basterds

Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino
Starring Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz

I saw this movie again for the second time tonight. Because it is the first film that I have seen by Quentin Tarantino, I was a little confused. Tarantino tends to add comedy to his dramas. At first, I didn't know whether to laugh or be insulted. I suppose it's like watching The Princess Bride for the first time- You don't know if the movie is being serious or trying to be funny. After you figure out his deal you can really start to notice his unique and artistic style.

The dialogue in this film is so perfect. Most of the lines need to be read because they are spoken in German or French, but the subtitles only add to the uniqueness of the movie overall. The actors and actresses had to be really talented in order to pull it off (unless of course you're Brad Pitt, who just stuck to an accent from Southern Tennessee). The way the movie flowed and progressed to the next chapter just was so blunt and straightforward. Everything that was said needed to be said; every shot needed to be there; nothing happened in this movie that should not have happened.

Let me put it this way- I am ALL for Brad Pitt. Some people might say that he sucks, but I think he's wonderful. This film seemed to be a real challenge for him, though. He wasn't running from anyone... there weren't big explosions and car chases... he wasn't battling a unfamiliar side of his character... it was just Lt. Aldo Raine, accent and all.

Something that really through me off was Melanie Laurent's resemblance to a young Rosemary Clooney. Maybe it's just me, but throughout the entire film I was expecting her to bust out with some White Christmas tunes. Other than that, I thought she was wonderful! I have not seen her in anything else, but I wonder how she is in any other role.

Tarantino's entire style and artistic ability just amazing me. He seems to pull off all the shots and angles that no one else can. His way of depicting horror and violence is so obtuse and profound at the same time. While I am sitting there watching Brad Pitt carve a masterpiece into a man's forehead, all I am thinking is "this is so wrong.. but I can't turn away... they would never show this in any other movie..." I am very interested to see what his other movies are like and if he uses the same techniques in all of his films.

As for Inglourious, do yourself a solid and go see it. If anything, you get to see Ryan from The Office cut off the top of a man's head.


Isn't this a cool picture?

This photo was taken from Flickr.com.

Whenever I see this photo, I want to sing Ingrid Michaelson music. "I just want to be okay...."



This photo was taken from Flickr.com

When does a person really grow up? Does it happen when they graduate high school? College? When they get married or start a family? Life seems to be a steamless cycle that never faulters, but always continues to change.

Today in the grocery store, I overheard a very upbeat, elderly lady say, "When I grow up, I want to write a book." Her husband then jokingly asked her what her book would be about and she answered "Well, they say a writer should write about the things they know. I have the rest of my life to learn as much as possible."

As I was walking away from Susanna (she looked like a "Susanna"), I thought about what she said. We all have the rest of our lives to learn as much as possible. All my life I have associated learning with what we learn in school, but I always forget that people learn all the time and in all stages of life. I could know more than Susanna from Publix... Everyone is a student in their own class in the world. Something can affect one person completely differently than it would affect someone else. For example, the invention of the toaster oven has completely changed my life. I love toast and all the different ways that it can be prepared. Someone. other than me, does not appreciate toast and all it's wonders. But they have time to learn all about it. I hope Susanna writes a book about toast. I would be thoroughly impressed if anyone could write an entire book about toast, espceially a 72-year-old Publix shopper.

So. for most of my recent thoughts on life and growing up, blah, blah, blah... I blame IKEA. I fall in love everytime I step foot in that store. I picture myself cooking eggs in the colorful kitchens, tucking in my kids in their bunk beds with unquie furniture all around them. I picture falling asleep in the wonderfully comfortable beds they have and having a modern office with supplies in little containers all around the room. It's exhausting. I am twenty years old. I do not need to be thinking about my future house and what color silver I want for the faucet of my kitchen sink.

But on the flip side, thinking about all that stuff really helps evaluate your current situation. Whenever I am flagging patio furniture or taking mental pictures of the curtains I want in my laundry room, I always feel motivated to work harder. It makes me want to go home and organize my life.

But when should a person settle with everything they have? Should we always just be grateful for what we have? After all your standards are met, what are you supposed to do then? What do you have to look forward to? Does that mean that you are officically grown up to the person you always wanted to be?


song of MY day:

So, She & Him is basically one of my favorite bands ever. My brother sent me this video the other day, so I thought that I would put in on here so all of you can love it too : ) Check it out!


Why Didn't I Think Of That?

I have decided to add another little section to my blog, just so I can show you all the cool products that I come across.

Purex just introduced a new product that combines the cleaning, softening, and static erasing processes of laundry washing into one thin sheet that you just throw in with your dirty clothes. It saves laundry washer's time, space in your laundry room, and all the money companys pay to print those "Caution: Keep Away From Children" stickers that seem to be on the back of everything. On the creative scale... I give it a 6.



"There's nothing new under the sun. All the roads lead to Rome. And people cannot provide it for you. I can't wake you up. You can wake you up. I can't cure you. You can cure you." -John Lennon


Isn't this a cool picture?

This photo was named "All Star Love." I think it is absolutely adorable. The lighting is perfect, the symmetry and balance on the photo is wonderful, and I think that there will always be a part of my heart that goes out to guys that wear Chuck Taylors. <3



When my brother first told me that they were remaking this film a few months ago, I was not excited whatsoever. If any of you have watched the 1980's version of "Fame," you can understand why I was confused. After I finished watching the movie, I felt like trying to invent time travel just in order to get the last two hours of my life back (And yes, of course I would destroy my time travel data after going back. We all know what craziness would happen if time travel knowledge was among the general public. ) I felt that the entire movie hindered on one scene. This scene-

After you have watched this, you have basically scene the best part of the movie. So, I just saved you two and half hours of your life.

The rest of the movie is filled with awkward relationships and silent molestations with one funny scene that involves "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." And even that isn't that funny. It's only comical because it's "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." And I definitely can't blame the movie's amount of sucking on the decade in which it was made. Come on, it was the 80's! It's just the plot that sucks. Though, I guess it is just a matter of opinion, because the movie did win two Oscars.

I thought that this remake of the film would include at least a little bit from the Broadway show "Fame" but come to find out, everyone thinks that show sucks except me.

There are so many dance movies that have been released in the last ten years, I seriously doubt that this one won't add to the genre successfully. Let's hope that people will see it and cry.

song of MY day:

Check it out! He is WONDERFUL! : ) I want him to follow me around all day and play music!


Putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard.

Writing in general has always felt like a task. I’m not exactly sure if it is because every time I write something it is because I have to (term papers, birthday cards, grocery lists, etc) or because I just can never say what I really want to mean. I am not a talented writer, but I have strong confidence that if I ever had something important enough to say, I could write about it and do it flawlessly.

I think that some people are just born with a special gift. A gift of entertaining through their writing. My brother, for example, is a perfect reflection of this realization. I think, if challenged, he could make a lonely street-rat’s obituary sound like one of a most determined and strong willed business man on Wall Street.

I think I write sometimes because I feel like I have to. But I have noticed that what I am writing about, not only in this blog, seems to have no meaning at all. Does a person have to be termed as a “writer” in order to put down his/her thoughts on paper? I am not looking for respect or any status of dignity with my thoughts, I just want to feel that I can come home and write a new blog about my day and not be judged by those thoughts alone.

I am going to start writing more on this site and not worry about all the things that you will think when you read it. What I think is meaningful may not be what you think is meaningful, but I am entitled to my own opinions, as you are.


Goodbye, Norma Jeane.

"I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it."
-Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

The most that I knew about Marylin Monroe when I was younger was that she was famous for standing on a sewer in a white gown. I knew nothing of her achievements or of her career. I looked down on her a little for adding so much to the female housewife sterotype, but after looking a little deeper into her history and all that she went through, I have come to respect her a little more.

For a quick synopsis:

Norma Jeane Baker unexpectedly started her modeling career in 1944 with Yank magazine and quickly became a public icon throughout the nation. Her film making career started in 1947 with a film called The Shocking Miss Pilgrim and continued on to land her a Golden Globe in 1957 and many nominations after that. She was married three times throughout her life and even started her own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, in 1956. She died in her sleep in 1962. Her quick rise to fame and her recognizable sexual image haunted her career, but also served as the constant to her success for years to come.

For being such an inspiration to females, especially in her time, I am very surprised that no one has made a movie about the life of Marilyn Monroe. I would love to learn more about her life and career. Young girls should know all that she portrayed throughtout her time and that she wasn't just some model that went around standing on sewers in black tie.

"Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did."



"... Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds,

Or Bends with the remover to remove.

O, no! It is an ever-fixed mark,

That looks on the tempest and is never shaken.

It is the star to every wondering bark,

whose worth unknown, although his

height be taken."



A Legible Puzzle. Kind of.

Matrix- (First entry of Wikipedia after typing “random articles”) A matrix is mathematically defined as a rectangular array of numbers. So, basically the only connection I have between the blog and a matrix is that the blog page is a rectangle.



Saurus- (Seventh entry of Google after typing "random articles") Saurus seems to be a site for a piece of software that can help customers start a website. For a website savvy company site, their site was confusing and frustrating. I just like it because it sounded similar to dinoSAUR. And I will leave you with this thought- What do you call a dinosaur that needs to get glasses?



So, I found this site that generates phrases. It’s pretty awesome. Check it out-