Hmm something's not exactly right

But I kind of like it. Would you do that to your bedroom plant? It is a real plant, right?

How would you water it?


UNAGI and Other News

Hello everyone! I have been so ashamed with the number of entries recently! For those who mind, my sincerest apologies.

I would like to advertise real quick: I just started listening to an interesting podcast- The Not Just New Movies Podcast. Ben, Not Just New Movies, and Tyler, The Solar Sentential, are absolutely random and hysterical. Check it out on ITunes : )

On to the movie scene. Easy A is extremely adorable. If you like John Hughes 80's movies, Penn Badgley, and sarcastic jargon you are good to go! Emma Stone is just so cute. However, don't worry about going to see it in the theaters, you can live your life just the same by seeing it on Netflix in a few months.

Nicole and I saw DEVIL tonight. Now, I know a lot of negative crap has been going down about M. Night Shyamalan, what with The Happening SUCKING and all.. but I have always been a fan at heart. I think his films are thoughtful and interesting and always portrayed with such a beautiful and balanced symmetry. Speaking of balanced and beautiful... Chris Messina. Shyamalan's past monster designs aren't that great, but wasn't a problem in this film. There are some things that bugged me about this film, but for the most part I was pretty entertained. Kind of demonic and creepier Clue...."Who done it?"

I have also been reading The Alchemist. I will report with my full opinion when I'm finished. It's really good so far though : ) I am starting a list of books that I need to read- PLEASE send me some suggestions of your favorites!!

Hope you all have a GREAT week!!


Follow Studio

I came across this blog the other day and I think it is SO beautiful! Check it out!

Eight links, two pictures and some random thoughts

Holy Laziness Batman! I haven't written an entry in weeks! Sorry! Here's a sum-up:

Just recently saw Going The Distance with Nicole and it was SO adorable! If you get a chance, DEFINITELY go see it. Justin Long and Drew Barrymore are so cute together and have such great chemistry. AND it's hilarious!

I am ALMOST finished reading the final book of the Harry Potter series! I read it when it first came out, but I went through it so fast I didn't remember what happened! This time around, it is SO much better! : )

Today I discovered ANOTHER friend that just started watching the LOST series and it is so hard not to mention anything or give anything away!

Again, ModCloth has taken my attention for an entire evening. I want them to have a shop right down the street from me that sells everything available online and at half price. Hey- a girl can dream, right?

I have been looking for a decent vintage/thrifty shop in Orlando and can't seem to find any good ones. Any suggestions?!

Anthropologie has an entire section of their website dedicated to WALLPAPER! I can't wait to decorate my house!

Hope you all have a GREAT week! : )

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