Gift Guide 2011: Dad

For your wonderful, dependable, bass-playing father who can fix anything and always points you in the right direction:

canvas camera strap.

A desk calender with his favorite 12 family pictures.

Wizard of Oz Monopoly

A Wizard of Oz Monopoly Game.

Dennis Hopper: Photographs, 1961-1967 (Limited Edition Boxed)

Because everyone loves Dennis Hopper, especially dad's.

Gift Guide 2011: Mom

For your gorgeous, high-spirited, spontaneously-organized mother who can read your mind and make anything beautiful:

The Non-Planner Datebook.


Woodland Holiday Apron.

Classic Diner Heal in Lighting.

Design*Sponge at Home. 

A small brass duck for her dresser.

Bath Bombs from LUSH.

Gift Guide 2011: Best Friend

For your health-conscious, recently-engaged, absolutely beautiful best friend that has always been there for you:

Style Eyes by Taylor Chang-Babaian. 

What To Wear Notepad.

Handmade Weddings.

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment. (Because it will make her feel fabulous.)

Gold Painted Stripes Thank You Card
Thank You cards so she won't have to buy others later.

Gift Guide 2011: Brother

For your ridiculously cool, creative older brother whose mind is filled with an endless abyss of information.

A pocket to keep his cell phone in while on dates with his adorable girlfriend.

The Oxford U-Pocket shirt from Gap.

Dharma Initiative Trek Water Bottle

A Dharma Initiative Water Bottle.


A book about lawn gnomes. (Because he's always pretended to like them as much as you.)

Mitsu Media Rack
A stand to hold all his games and movies.

Gift Guide 2011: Boyfriend

For your adorable, well-humored, technologically savvy boyfriend who makes you feel like the best thing since sliced bread:

Pixel Mouse.
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Board Game

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Board Game.

The Zombie Survival Guide. 
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Like/Dislike Stamps.

Gift Guide 2011: Roommate

For your grammar-obsessed roommate that loves mismatching flair and will be the coolest English teacher ever:

Mustache Paper-Clips.