Birthday Gift Guide 2012: Best Friend

For your best friend: almost married, who takes you to Vegas with her for a Bachlorette party and has no problem telling you the truth.

A recipe book. 

 A lipstick flask.

To Have and To Gold Earrings.


Birthday Gift Guide 2012: Boyfriend

For your boyfriend: amazingly sweet, but yells at idiot drivers and makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches. Even though you would never admit it.

A funny book about cats.

A golf mug so he can practice his game while at work. 

Bullsh*t Button

Birthday Gift Guide 2012: Roommate

For your roommate: word-obsessed, who keeps pointing out bad edits and character flaws in your favorite movies so that it's impossible to forget them. 

Bacon Frosting.

Birthday Gift Guide 2012: Dad

For your dad: amateur Frisbee Golf player, and who makes you feel like a grown up and a princess at the same time.

A wicked cool gray jacket to match everything.


100 Record Covers. 

A membership for the Professional Disc Golf Association. Because it's cool.

Professional Disc Golf Association

Birthday Gift Guide 2012: Brother

For your brother: writer, who dressed as an alias known as the Phantom Frogger in high school that ran around "leap-frogging" students. The principal too. (He never got caught.) 

Name That Movie Board Game.

A super cool skinny tie.

The LOST encyclopedia.

LOST Encyclopedia

Birthday Gift Guide 2012: Mom

For your mom: who you recognize in yourself more everyday and who wraps your family's Christmas presents in matching paper each year.

Bright Morning TeaCups.

A Roald Dahl Cookbook. Because she should remember all those stories.

Roald Dahls Cookbook (Penguin cookery library)

A paint pen. For when she decides to change the color of all the rooms in her house.


Just another Tuesday

How cool is this picture? I think Virginia is my favorite. 

My best friend is getting married this weekend! Whoo-hoo! I can't wait!

I was wondering where all the Olympic athletes were staying while over in London. I like the couches on the grass. 

Oh, Paul. 

An article about how the fashion industry stole Posh Spice's smile. 


I love the placement of this tattoo! Such a simple, cute idea.