Hello Autumn

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin flavored drinks, a crispy breeze, and Halloween Horror Nights. We went to the preview last night and it was awesome. Let's just say... we witnessed the "zombie-bomb" from The Walking Dead and it was awesome. The Evil Dead house was my favorite. I couldn't even get through the movie. It's terrifying. 

Pretty excited about Don Jon coming out in a few weeks (September 27th, 2013). Check out 
the trailer below:


Before Midnight (2013)

Have you seen Before Midnight yet? You should.

Check out my brother's Before Sunrise/Before Sunset reviews. I don't believe he has done one for the third film yet.

The real Before Sunset couple.

Ethan Hawke answers some questions and he thinks Nic Cage is talented.

Screaming Goat Featuring Taylor Swift

My boss showed this video to me this morning. Figured y'all would enjoy it just as much as me. (It gets funnier the more times you watch it.) 

Ahh, fainting goats