I saw this commerical today and starting crying from laughing so hard. It was embarrassing.


A little less cluttered... : )

All done! What do you think? (Sorry about the flash.)

Just a little cluttered....

My room as been the same for years: packed to the brim with everything from movie posters to lawn gnomes. The time has come to make some changes. Here are a few photos of what my room looked like before randomly deciding one night to take everything down.

We just finished painting today. So I will post more with updates asap : )


This might become a weekly post....

Okay, so for all you compulsive shoppers out there, I have found another shop to add to your products. ModCloth.com.

I know that it has been around for a while, but I just can't stop looking at all of their WONDERFUL dresses. Just looking through at the names of some of them is worth a trip to the site.

Example 1: Zag, You're It Dress.

Zag, You're It Dress

Example 2: Have A Nice Night Dress

Have a Nice Night Dress

Example 3: Teal Or No Teal Dress

Teal Or No Teal Dress

Okay, okay. Three examples is enough. You get the picture.

Wait, one pair of shoes that I simply MUST show you (All Aboard Heel). Done and done.


Let's call it... inspirational motivation.

Please don't ask why I am looking at all this. I don't know. BUT, I have come across some really cute wedding stuff and wanted to share with all of you : )

Like these. Colors of the wedding, one for each bridesmaid, etc. Brilliant.

Small simple clutches for bridesmaids - ..choose your own colours..

Or this dress. Because everyone can just make their own wedding dress.


Or have adorable photos like these.


Or adorable hair like this.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, what's taking you so long!?


Dear Vera, Thank you for making this next year look promising.

I bought this planner today and have decided that everyone should go out and bought one. Vera..... I know. But it's SO cute!

Aaron Zigman, you're my hero. Tonight at least.

I usually prefer a night with James Horner/Hans Zimmer/Alan Silvestri , but this soundtrack seems on my mind a lot lately. The whole soundtrack is so wonderful. I hope this song makes all of you smile like it does for me : )


"You gotta problem with that?!"

I love this part of Wedding Crashers. Makes me happy no matter what.

Three heads are better than one

I have always thought that these three actors (Josh Duhamel, Timothy Olyphant, Johnny Knoxville) look the same. Or REALLY freaking similar. They are all SUPER cute- maybe that's why.


Saw this commercial the other day and thought it was really cute. Makes me want a Sunkist now... Anyone else?


These are a few of my favorite things

I have been recently thinking out my future house. Well, let me rephrase that- the house that I will one day have in the future. Why have I been thinking about this? I have no idea.

"How would you decorate your house?" Well, I think this is one way that I would.



I need a job.

Los Angeles pictures, friends

I have already updated most of these to my facebook page, but here are some of my favorites.

Because my brother's awesome.

Where TOM meets AUTUMN in (500) Days of Summer.

I took this picture the morning that we left and at various times throughout the trip we would look at this picture at all say "Aww- baby Emmy."
: )