You are the milk to my cookie.

Oh, Scarlet.


Pink Typewriter Wrapping Paper. Adorable for any occasion.

These hex rings are the cutest! From a little shop in Portland, Oregon called Una.

IKEA Hackers!

These Roald Dahl stamps are amazing.Large image of the Roald Dahl Stamp Set


Valentine's Day

In the mood for some fabulous films about love? These two are my favorite.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2012

Looking for just a little something? This card is so sweet. Or these neon cards. And I know she sucks, but her cards are beautiful.

Other People's Love Letters vs Other People's Rejection Letters

Semi-homemade cards. Perfect for teachers with classrooms full of kids! 

For the intellectual coffee-drinker:  The Shakespeare Love Mug

For the souvenir collectors that also agree "There's No Place Like Home.": State Pairings

For the cuddler, who also covers their eyes during the scary parts:  This Photo Pillow 

For the playful at heart, who is also afraid of the dark : A Gummy Bear nightlight 

For the sophisticated sweetheart that travels more than they'd like: A handmade Bedside Statement 

For the hopeless romantic: The Instant Comfort Pocket Box 

The Valentine edition - Instant Comfort Pocket Box - Love in a jar

Looking for a new Valentine's Dress? How about this adorable one from ModCloth? Helena Bohman Carter would be proud. 


Well, yes.

Sundance Photo Booth. So much fun!

A treehouse in the middle of Brooklyn?!

Well, this Pity Party idea is wonderful.

Movies with different posters.

HOLY CRAP. I JUST NOW saw this trailer for the first time.

A World With Coffee. So cute.

And just to make your Wednesday a little sexier...