"I just want to be perfect."

Natalie Portman FINALLY wins an Oscar! About time! Black Swan was amazing. Her performance was so believable and flawless.


Sticks and stones, love

I miss this movie.

Wish the other ones hadn't SUCKED as much as they did. I wonder how the fourth will turn out.


Coffee is like Life

Isn't this new Coffee-Mate commercial ADORABLE?! I love the couple in the cafe dancing : )


Back To Future

Hello everyone! So a photographer named Irina Werning asked people to reenact photos from their childhood. Isn't that a cool idea? What picture would you do if you were asked to do this?

I would want to do this one with my mom.



Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone! What did you do to celebrate? Port and I had a party the day before : ) Pitures to come soon!

Look at these cards.... so ridiculous......(-ly cute.)

And my favorite: "You make me melt."



I have been waiting to see something from Anthropologie's bridal line and the day has finally come! BHLDN will be "unveiled" on February 14th this year. Aren't these just beautiful?! (Thanks Jo!)



We went downtown the other night to a bar called EyeSpy. They have these photo booths set up everywhere. We had about 4 seconds in between each of these shots. Pretty impressive. We all tried to fit in the last one... but it didn't work out that well. Still pretty cool, though : )

Makes me think of Amelie.


A picture for your thoughts

I have decided to put decor like this on every door in my future house.

Yes. I agree.

She can be so beautiful. I still think my favorite performance is Chloe.

From Leah from THXTHXTHX:

Dear Cities with Good Public Transit

Sometimes, my roommate is the smartest person I know. She wrote this years ago and I think it is beautiful.

"Sing in the shower. Don’t rain on other people’s parades. Take time to smell the roses. Say please. Say thank you… a lot. Enjoy a sunrise. Don’t take good health for granted. Listen. Call your mother. Remember birthdays. Remember names. Eat your vegetables. Make time for those you love. Smile. Make new friends. Write letters. Vote. Pray. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take too many pictures. Go without makeup. Don’t ever be afraid to be wrong or come in 2nd place. Make mistakes. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Look for the good in people. Always leave things a little better than you found them. Count your blessings. Play in the rain. Pick your battles. Be yourself. If you know you’re right, quit arguing. Refrain from saying, “I told you so.” Laugh til it hurts. Always tip street musicians. Apologize and accept apologies."

This makes me smile. "Maybe I should have mentioned..."

It's never mentioned in the nursery rhyme that humpty dumpty is an egg

I hope you all are have a great week! <3