Salt and Peppa's here!

The next time you are in Gatlinburg, Tennessee: for $3.00 you can see 20,000 sets of salt and pepper shakers.

These below are from Modcloth.com. 

Strawberry Bootlaces

This video is pretty cool- "If TV Shows Had Different Theme Songs." I like the LOST/ HIMYM one the most. 

How adorable is this button shaped sewing kit?! 

Check out Kirsten Dunst and JGL on Celebrity Jeopardy in 1997. 

Speaking of Joseph Gordon-Levitt... strawberry bootlaces.


What have you been watching?

Game of Thrones. Holy Red Wedding, Batman. 

Top of the Lake. I like Elizabeth Moss. It's really slow, but I'm hoping it'll pick up. 

Arrested Development, Season 4. Not as good as I'd hoped. 

The West Wing. Rob Lowe is my super hero. 

Re-runs of Will & Grace. "Unforgettable."

Smash. Way to end on a low note. Christian Borle and Jack Davenport- I will always love you.