When in Gnome

Instead of working on something prodctive, I decided to shoe shop. And where else is better than Modcloth.com? Check out some of the ones I feel in love with today. Some for work, some for fun. 

In Full Swing Dance Heel.

Dance Instead of Walking Heel in Purple. (I have these in jade. They are SO comfortable!)

Dynamic Debut Heel in Burgundy.

Chic It Out Heel in Charcoal. 

Seashell Belle Heel. (Ahh!)

Hep Hopper Heel.

Galaxy After My Own Heart Heel.

Bright Before Your Eyes Heel.

When In Gnome Heel.

Just joking about the gnome ones. Kind of.

Chasing the sun

So, Hilary Duff is still 15. You have nothing a little deeper to sing about? How about your marriage? Or your kid? Nothing? Okay. Let's all day-dream and get fired.

"Color my life with the chaos of trouble"

Color changing ice cream.


Some history in color. I think these two are my favorite.