Pretty things and zombies

I just finished this cork board! Do you like it as much as me? (Sorry for the flash.)

Normally I don't update myself on news reports, but I wanted everyone to know that this story is the start of the zombie apocalypse

I also discovered mybakingaddiction today through withstyleandgrace. I have so many printed recipes it's going to take me hours to re-organize my cookbook! 

This link is kind of fun to look through for 1940's style inspiration.

I challenge you to a Bottle of Wits.

I've been searching for a good hair tutorial.... all of them aren't good enough.


"It's a wonder that I survived the war between your heart and mine."

Just got back from North Carolina and it was such an amazing trip! I'm so happy to have such an amazing roomie. 

We stayed up in her parent's house over near the Lake Lure area. (View posted above.) 

And took out her dad's beautiful red Jeep Wrangler, nicknamed Ruby. 

And shopped around old general stores.

And fun vintage shops.

Ate some really good food. (Penguin Drive-In, Charlotte, NC.)

And saw some really cool people. 

If you haven't seen Ingrid Michaelson in concert, you need to. As soon as possible.