Crafts & Things

I've been meaning to show you some pictures of crafts and things around our apartment. 

My brother's girlfriend painted these three canvases for me this past Christmas. It was such a thoughtful present and I get compliments all the time from (500) Days of Summer lovers like myself. 

Look at what a GREAT job she did! 

I made two of these wreaths last Christmas; one for me and one for my mama. I was so proud of myself! 

I just decided on a new way to make cards beautiful- sewing two colors together : ) It was pretty nerve-wracking because one mistake ruins the whole thing. 

I recently bought my two favorite cards from Rifle Paper, Company. They have some of the most adorable cards and prints. I'm thinking of buying the wedding ones... 

My roomie's mom found this mirror and painted it for my hallway. Isn't it beautiful!? 

VEGAS! But in reality...


My best friend is getting married in August and we are finalizing our plans to travel to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party. It'll just be a few of us girls (five or six) and I'm so excited to finally celebrate with her!

These are my expectations: This and this

But in reality I'm sure it'll be more like: this and this. And if anyone tries to hit on me...be prepared.

I imagine our trip will go down similar to Bridemaids (2011). Apart from the food poisoning



Yes, I know I'm a little behind, but I just started watching Mad Men. Because the seasons are so short, only 13 episodes each, I have been flying through them. 


Do you watch it? Who is your favorite character? Mine is Joan Holloway/Harris played by Christina Hendricks. Her style and attitude make me want to pick up smoking and go shopping for only 1950's/1960's attire. (Like this dress from Modcloth's Mid-Century Marvels.) 


Savannah, GA

My boyfriend and I went away last weekend to Savannah, Georgia and had such a wonderful time! We arrived on a Thursday night and stayed until Saturday. We felt it was the perfect amount of time to experience all the beautiful things Savannah has to offer.

We stayed in the famous 17hundred90 hotel, mostly known for it's ghostly atmosphere and location right in the center of Savannah's Historic district. Our room was away from the main building in the guest house, which made us feel a little more secluded. They have a beautiful bar and restaurant that makes me hope Hemingway and Fitzgerald had stopped by for a whiskey and a chapter or two.

We did finally decide on a walking haunted tour, Ghost Talk Ghost Walk, and our tour guide was pretty phenomenal. She had a great sense of humor and her stories were captivating.

We spent a lot of time down on River Street walking through shops and people watching. Our favorite restaurant of the trip was a little place called The Cotton Exchange down at the end of River Street. They're crab legs were to die for. We also ate over at Vinnie Van Go Go's for lunch one day- it was alright. Not the best pizza ever, like most say.

We couldn't get over how beautiful the trees were in the city. To think they had been in one place for that long is unbelievable. Over at the Wormsloe Historic Site (picture below) there is a mile and a half driveway lined with 400 live oaks! (Some scenes from Forrest Gump (1994) were filmed there.)

We had such a good time and I can't wait for our next trip! <3


Shannon Miller 5k

I just started running a few months ago. My best friend motivated me to run a 5k with her and a friend this past weekend and it was so much harder than I anticipated. By setting little goals (example: "Pass this little 4 year old in the black shorts") I was able to finish and it felt so good! I've been pretty sore since, but I can't wait to do another one! 

It was such a perfect day that morning- I just had to take my camera! 


People To See

My roommate and I love Ingrid Michaelson. It's been years since we've both seen her in concert so we decided to suck it up and go. Her new tour started a few weeks ago and will be coming through Charlotte, North Carolina in early May. And so will we. 

Her new CD, Human Again, is beautiful. Click here for a list of songs and lyrics! 


Places to Go

My boyfriend and I are taking a trip up to Savannah, GA this weekend and I am SO excited about it! I have been working over the last few weeks putting together a list of things to do, places to go, and statues to see.

My family and I have been there a few times and one of my favorite memories is the Haunted Ghost Tour. We had a British tour guide that seemed a little to comfortable in his colonial attire. I am researching to find the best tour to take him on- they're are so many different kinds now. They even have a midnight zombie tour. 

Here are some of the places I am excited to go to: 

A pizza shop called Vinny Van Go Go's
The Worsmloe Historic Site. 
And of course, River Street. River Street Sweets, here we come!

(Design*Sponges City Guides are absolutely wonderful and so helpful. Check out the one for Savannah here. The one for Orlando is also pretty wonderful.) 


What Should We Call Me?

I may be behind on the times, but you can create your own Starbucks gift card? Amazing. 

I came across this blog called #whatshouldwecallme and have been on it ALL day. Here are some that make me smile: 
My roommate. 
My boyfriend. 
My brother. 
My best friend. (Because that's what biffles do.) 
My mom. 
What are some of your favorites?

CupOfJo posted this the other day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!