On a rainy day

Have a good cup of coffee. With a good book in the other hand. For me, hazelnut & Harry Potter. Vanilla caramel & anything by Sidney Sheldon.

Make cute collages like these out of old magazines.

Build a fort.

Watch a scary movie.

Search The Food Network for a fabulous spaghetti recipe only to decide that your mom's is the best.

Build your own Smilebooth. (I can't WAIT to make some of these!)

Also related: Gene Kelly's dance & Sandra Juto's beautiful rain print.



A pair of glasses that make you see hearts everywhere you look.

These beautiful triangle earrings that match everything.

A pancake pen: just for fun.

And this apartment.


"No one sees life the way I do"

We saw the new Pirates film the other night, and while it was entertaining, nothing was more interesting/irritating than the twelve-year-old girl sitting next to me. Mora.

Throughout the previews she tried to convince me of a few things:

Inception is real. Well.. kind of.

Her: "So, you know how the adult shows always come on after the kid's shows are over? Where do you think the cartoons go while they wait until tomorrow? The kid's dreams of course! That's why you always see cartoon characters mixed in with your "real persons." Or like the birds that fly around are always cartoons. They are just waiting there."

The Smurfs are Communist.

Her:"Papa Smurf wears red. And he is the only one."
Me: "Don't you think he wears a different color because he is an "elder Smurf?"
Her: "No, it's because he is the only leader and red is the communist color. And he has a beard."

Her: "All the Smurfs work in different jobs and are treated the same. They wear the same clothes and eat the same food at one big, gigantic table. And they don't go to church."

And no one is as smart as her.

As Ashley gives me a piece of candy:
Me: "Ew. These taste chalk."
Ashley: "No they don't! They taste like Christmas."
Mora: "They taste like joy and wishes?"

After this, she then proceeded to look at me with the biggest smile on her face and sit on the edge of her sit. Literally. I thought she was going to fall off.

And back to Pirates- I couldn't believe that Penelope Cruz was pregnant during the filming. And that she is married to Javiar Bardem. I feel pretty dumb- I didn't even know that. So, just in case you didn't either.... now you do.

"Bye! I have to go sneeze."


heart string map pillow

I am teaching myself how to sew anything but buttons. A new pillow is in my future.

I love the "heart string map" pillow the most. I can't wait to perfect this new talent! I'll keep you updated!

I said genius.

Look how adorable these individually typed engagement notes are! I'm in love.

Why wouldn't you want a tea towel this cute?


Monkey's Uncle

Saw Bridesmaids last night. Only good part:

I know I talk about it all the time, but I seriously can't wait to get my new camera. I like this one.