..... last stand.

I'm ready for our trip to Disneyland! I can't believe in exactly two weeks we will be off on a plane! I'm so excited to see my brother and his fiance. Speaking of my brother, he got his first quote! Pretty cool, huh?

How do you feel about Lucy Lu's gown for this year's Golden Globes? It makes me want to play dress up. My roommate is watching her new show, Elementary, and she's catching me up on all the drama so I can watch them too. It's surprisingly better than I had expected. The cases are modern, but the show still maintains a respect for the older, British imitations and character background we all grew up with. The two main characters have an undertone of a romantic relationship and sadly I feel that after a season or two the only reason I'll watch is to see whether or not they end up together. Kind of like How I Met Your Mother. 

I am still watching 30 Rock and am falling more in love with Alec Baldwin every episode. 

Planning a party? Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, or Valentine's Day party? This website has some adorable party items. 

Vogue, 1970. 

Vogue  1970


Ping Pong Balls

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I have posted anything... but here are some things I am still exited about:

Check out this video a friend sent me about pixels taking over the world. Pretty badass.

Our trip to Disneyland and Los Angeles is in 20 days! My adorable boyfriend has been sending me emails daily with a count down and a picture.. like this one below- how wonderful is he!

I have been doing a tons of crafts lately. I made my mom and Frank's mom a wreath for Christmas, each with different season/holiday velrco garnishes- it was pretty adorable. I'll upload some pictures of that soon (I was so excited to give them away that I forgot to take pictures.)

My brother is getting married! I'm not sure how involved I'll be in the helping out stuff, but it at least gives me an excuse to keep expanding my weddings board on Pinterest. Check it out here! (For my future)