I chose orange

Here is an entry written by Tom Hanks in remembrance of Nora Ephron who died this week: 

"Knowing and loving Nora meant her world — or her neighborhood — became yours. She gave you books to read and took you to cafés you’d never heard of that became legends. You discovered Krispy Kremes from a box she held out, and you learned that there is such a thing as the perfect tuna sandwich. She would give your kids small, goofy parts in movies with the caveat that they might not make the final cut but you’d get a tape of the scene. For a wrap gift, she would send you a note saying something like, “A man is going to come to your house to plant an orange tree — or apple or pomegranate or whatever — and you will eat its fruit for the rest of your days.” Rita and I chose orange, and the fruit has been lovely, sweet and abundant, just as Nora promised — a constant and perfect reminder of the woman we loved so much."

Read more: http://entertainment.time.com/2012/06/27/nora-ephron-a-life-of-voice-and-detail/#ixzz1zHT2DESF

I came across this blog today, Lists of Note, and it's a great way to spend an extra 20 minutes. These are my  favorites: 

F. Scott Fitzgerald's leftover turkey recipes 
47 Dwarfs
The Godfather 

(Roomie, this one's for you- Hemingway.)

I just started watching Arrested Development and am already upset that it was cancelled. 


Shower Madness

So, I thought I would finally update with some pictures from the bridal showers I've attended for my best friend's wedding in August. 

I planned a small gathering over at The Dessert Lady in Downtown Orlando. I had never been there before that day and I was so amazed. The desserts are delicious-their carrot cake will change your life. Seriously. 

The atmosphere was pretty dark and dreary, but had a sense of old time simplicity. The back room, where we met, was deep into the Church Street Station and it was fun to imagine the ghosts of train travelers bustling around the flights of stairs by you while you sip your chardonnay. 

We had a great time. I would definitely recommend it. Anyone looking for a date night?

Her mom just threw her another shower this past weekend. She held it in the comfort of her own living room and had some cute games for us to play. One of my favorites was to break up into teams and dress a bridesmaid in a toilet paper wedding gown. This is what we ended up looking like....

Silly, but we had a good time. I'm keeping a list of ideas for when it's my turn : ) 

Love you, Jenn! I'm so excited for you! 

Oh, and P.S. This article about staying happy in your marriage is pretty adorable.


Seems so Rumble Fish

nicolás santiñaque

Lipstick in the rearview mirror... seems so Rumble Fish

My best friend is getting married in a couple months and I am throwing her a bridal shower this upcoming Saturday. I have been decoration researching and while trying to focus on her shower only, I got seriously distracted and now have an entire folder with ideas and plans for my own wedding : ) And it will happen, just as beautiful as I imagine. Because my boyfriend is exactly what I've been looking for my whole life. Most of the decorations are handmade. I would share my fabulous finds, but then you wedding-crazed, ruffle-wearing chicks would steal my plans. And that's not okay with me.

I read Tina Fey's Bossypants yesterday and it was hilarious. Totally worth your time. If you're as creeped out by the cover as I am, you should read this article about the model. You'll feel better. But one thing I really enjoyed reading was her trying to balance her life as a mother, writer, and actor. And of course about the whole Sarah Palin experience. 

This is such an adorable idea. For next to a vanity or a bedroom.