"Your compliment was sufficient, Luis."

Joanna Goddard from Cup of Jo, found that this website, The Mandate Press, will produce business cards in the exact form, font, and fashion as Patrick Bateman's from American Psycho  

I just love Little Joy. Don't you? 

Have you seen Star Trek Into Darkness? Well... you should. And you should check out my brother's review.

My roomie is on another trip! Check out her website here and stay updated on her many adventures on the high sea. 


You'll purge the bananas when I'm gone... Nice try.

Are you watching Arrested Development? What do you think?

This picture makes me want to eat cotton candy.

The Purge looks interesting... 

I just watched this movie and it was pretty cute. I like Anna Kendrick a lot. 


Skeeba's House

While we were out in California, we were lucky enough to spend time with my brother. We went to the Santa Monica Pier... 

Up to the Griffith Observatory...

To the HOLLYWOOD sign...

To Griffith Park's Carosal... (Where Walt Disney first had the idea for Disneyland : )

To an abandoned zoo... (That homeless people now live in the cages- hence "Skeeba's House")

All in all, it was an amazing trip.

Disneyland, CA

I can't believe I am JUST NOW posting these pictures. This trip seems like it was ages ago.

(I saw this picture on Flickr and thought it was so adorable.) 

We went to Disneyland back in February and it was one of the best trips I've ever been on!

There are so many opinions about Disneyland: "Walt Disney World is much better","Disneyland is so small," etc. I don't care. I feel like we both were on some sort of pixie-dust high from the moment we went through the turnstile.

However, look how small the castle is in comparison!

We were most looking forward to riding Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Ever since Walt Disney World retired that reckless little frog, we have been missing it. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

CARSLAND was amazing. It's incredible how similar everything is to the movie. Definitely a sight to witness! My favorite ride over there was Luigi's Tires.

If you get a chance to go to California...

(I saw this picture on Flickr and loved it.)