"There's nothing new under the sun. All the roads lead to Rome. And people cannot provide it for you. I can't wake you up. You can wake you up. I can't cure you. You can cure you." -John Lennon


Isn't this a cool picture?

This photo was named "All Star Love." I think it is absolutely adorable. The lighting is perfect, the symmetry and balance on the photo is wonderful, and I think that there will always be a part of my heart that goes out to guys that wear Chuck Taylors. <3



When my brother first told me that they were remaking this film a few months ago, I was not excited whatsoever. If any of you have watched the 1980's version of "Fame," you can understand why I was confused. After I finished watching the movie, I felt like trying to invent time travel just in order to get the last two hours of my life back (And yes, of course I would destroy my time travel data after going back. We all know what craziness would happen if time travel knowledge was among the general public. ) I felt that the entire movie hindered on one scene. This scene-

After you have watched this, you have basically scene the best part of the movie. So, I just saved you two and half hours of your life.

The rest of the movie is filled with awkward relationships and silent molestations with one funny scene that involves "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." And even that isn't that funny. It's only comical because it's "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." And I definitely can't blame the movie's amount of sucking on the decade in which it was made. Come on, it was the 80's! It's just the plot that sucks. Though, I guess it is just a matter of opinion, because the movie did win two Oscars.

I thought that this remake of the film would include at least a little bit from the Broadway show "Fame" but come to find out, everyone thinks that show sucks except me.

There are so many dance movies that have been released in the last ten years, I seriously doubt that this one won't add to the genre successfully. Let's hope that people will see it and cry.

song of MY day:

Check it out! He is WONDERFUL! : ) I want him to follow me around all day and play music!


Putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard.

Writing in general has always felt like a task. I’m not exactly sure if it is because every time I write something it is because I have to (term papers, birthday cards, grocery lists, etc) or because I just can never say what I really want to mean. I am not a talented writer, but I have strong confidence that if I ever had something important enough to say, I could write about it and do it flawlessly.

I think that some people are just born with a special gift. A gift of entertaining through their writing. My brother, for example, is a perfect reflection of this realization. I think, if challenged, he could make a lonely street-rat’s obituary sound like one of a most determined and strong willed business man on Wall Street.

I think I write sometimes because I feel like I have to. But I have noticed that what I am writing about, not only in this blog, seems to have no meaning at all. Does a person have to be termed as a “writer” in order to put down his/her thoughts on paper? I am not looking for respect or any status of dignity with my thoughts, I just want to feel that I can come home and write a new blog about my day and not be judged by those thoughts alone.

I am going to start writing more on this site and not worry about all the things that you will think when you read it. What I think is meaningful may not be what you think is meaningful, but I am entitled to my own opinions, as you are.


Goodbye, Norma Jeane.

"I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it."
-Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

The most that I knew about Marylin Monroe when I was younger was that she was famous for standing on a sewer in a white gown. I knew nothing of her achievements or of her career. I looked down on her a little for adding so much to the female housewife sterotype, but after looking a little deeper into her history and all that she went through, I have come to respect her a little more.

For a quick synopsis:

Norma Jeane Baker unexpectedly started her modeling career in 1944 with Yank magazine and quickly became a public icon throughout the nation. Her film making career started in 1947 with a film called The Shocking Miss Pilgrim and continued on to land her a Golden Globe in 1957 and many nominations after that. She was married three times throughout her life and even started her own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, in 1956. She died in her sleep in 1962. Her quick rise to fame and her recognizable sexual image haunted her career, but also served as the constant to her success for years to come.

For being such an inspiration to females, especially in her time, I am very surprised that no one has made a movie about the life of Marilyn Monroe. I would love to learn more about her life and career. Young girls should know all that she portrayed throughtout her time and that she wasn't just some model that went around standing on sewers in black tie.

"Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did."