"love could heal our brokenness."

MY BROTHER'S GETTING MARRIED IN 14 days! I can't wait! Check out their adorable Save The Date video. I'll post some pictures after all the celebrating.

Below are the playlists of some CD's I've sent them. Random, yes. I know. 

1. Sweet Dispostion- The Temper Trap 
2. Awake My Soul- Mumford & Sons 
3. Here Comes The Sun- The Beatles 
4. Take My Breath Away- Berlin 
5. Suga' How You Get So Fly- Baby Bash
6. Just The Way You Are- Billy Joel 
7. Come Dance With Me- Frank Sinatra
8. Barton Hollow- The Civil Wars
9. Can't Help Falling In Love-Ingrid Michaelson
10. Sway- Dean Martin
11.From Now On- The Features
12.Too Marvelous For Words- Frank Sinatra
13. Baby, You're My Light- Richard Hawley
14. Amber- 311 

1. Dearest- Buddy Holly 
2. Nobody But Me- Lou Rawls
3. Here Comes Your Man- Pixies 
4. The Wedding Song- Kenny G
5. As Time Goes By- Jimmy Durante
6. Shake Shake- Gorillaz
7. River Waltz- The Painted Veil Soundtrack
8. Have A Little Faith In Me- John Hiatt
9. Don't Wanna Miss A Thing- Aerosmith
10. Requiem On Water-Imperial Mammoth
11. Lover- Devendra Banhart
12. The Next Time Around-Little Joy
13. Pump It Up- Elvis Costello 
14. September- Earth, Wind and Fire 
15. Sea of Love- Cat Power
16. Never Let Me Go- Never Let Me Go Soundtrack
17. Luck Be A Lady- Frank Sinatra 
18. I Like The Way She Moves- DJ Lil' Man 
19. All The Way- Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion
20. I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston 


"It's beginning to look a lot like..." Oh wait. Not yet.

Happy Tuesday! 

I've starting preparing to start celebrating the Christmas holidays. It's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but starting Friday it's time for the Christmas decorations and peppermint flavored coffee to overwhelm our hearts. 

Thanks to Pinterest, I've been crafting some pretty cute items for Christmas. The newest addition to my collection are a snowman couple made from yarn and string. I can't seem to choose names for them...

Check out what SNL's Mr. Senior thinks.



Hilarious. A comedian in New York live-tweeted a couple break up on the neighboring roof. My favorite is this one below: 

 Or maybe this one. 
 Nope. Definitely this one. 


Now do you feel inspired?

I felt a good friend needed some motivation. So... I sent her this picture. I would basically do anything if my prize was a strawberry covered waffle. 


Hello Autumn

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin flavored drinks, a crispy breeze, and Halloween Horror Nights. We went to the preview last night and it was awesome. Let's just say... we witnessed the "zombie-bomb" from The Walking Dead and it was awesome. The Evil Dead house was my favorite. I couldn't even get through the movie. It's terrifying. 

Pretty excited about Don Jon coming out in a few weeks (September 27th, 2013). Check out 
the trailer below:


Before Midnight (2013)

Have you seen Before Midnight yet? You should.

Check out my brother's Before Sunrise/Before Sunset reviews. I don't believe he has done one for the third film yet.

The real Before Sunset couple.

Ethan Hawke answers some questions and he thinks Nic Cage is talented.

Screaming Goat Featuring Taylor Swift

My boss showed this video to me this morning. Figured y'all would enjoy it just as much as me. (It gets funnier the more times you watch it.) 

Ahh, fainting goats


Salt and Peppa's here!

The next time you are in Gatlinburg, Tennessee: for $3.00 you can see 20,000 sets of salt and pepper shakers.

These below are from Modcloth.com. 

Strawberry Bootlaces

This video is pretty cool- "If TV Shows Had Different Theme Songs." I like the LOST/ HIMYM one the most. 

How adorable is this button shaped sewing kit?! 

Check out Kirsten Dunst and JGL on Celebrity Jeopardy in 1997. 

Speaking of Joseph Gordon-Levitt... strawberry bootlaces.


What have you been watching?

Game of Thrones. Holy Red Wedding, Batman. 

Top of the Lake. I like Elizabeth Moss. It's really slow, but I'm hoping it'll pick up. 

Arrested Development, Season 4. Not as good as I'd hoped. 

The West Wing. Rob Lowe is my super hero. 

Re-runs of Will & Grace. "Unforgettable."

Smash. Way to end on a low note. Christian Borle and Jack Davenport- I will always love you. 


"Your compliment was sufficient, Luis."

Joanna Goddard from Cup of Jo, found that this website, The Mandate Press, will produce business cards in the exact form, font, and fashion as Patrick Bateman's from American Psycho  

I just love Little Joy. Don't you? 

Have you seen Star Trek Into Darkness? Well... you should. And you should check out my brother's review.

My roomie is on another trip! Check out her website here and stay updated on her many adventures on the high sea. 


You'll purge the bananas when I'm gone... Nice try.

Are you watching Arrested Development? What do you think?

This picture makes me want to eat cotton candy.

The Purge looks interesting... 

I just watched this movie and it was pretty cute. I like Anna Kendrick a lot. 


Skeeba's House

While we were out in California, we were lucky enough to spend time with my brother. We went to the Santa Monica Pier... 

Up to the Griffith Observatory...

To the HOLLYWOOD sign...

To Griffith Park's Carosal... (Where Walt Disney first had the idea for Disneyland : )

To an abandoned zoo... (That homeless people now live in the cages- hence "Skeeba's House")

All in all, it was an amazing trip.

Disneyland, CA

I can't believe I am JUST NOW posting these pictures. This trip seems like it was ages ago.

(I saw this picture on Flickr and thought it was so adorable.) 

We went to Disneyland back in February and it was one of the best trips I've ever been on!

There are so many opinions about Disneyland: "Walt Disney World is much better","Disneyland is so small," etc. I don't care. I feel like we both were on some sort of pixie-dust high from the moment we went through the turnstile.

However, look how small the castle is in comparison!

We were most looking forward to riding Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Ever since Walt Disney World retired that reckless little frog, we have been missing it. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

CARSLAND was amazing. It's incredible how similar everything is to the movie. Definitely a sight to witness! My favorite ride over there was Luigi's Tires.

If you get a chance to go to California...

(I saw this picture on Flickr and loved it.)


..... last stand.

I'm ready for our trip to Disneyland! I can't believe in exactly two weeks we will be off on a plane! I'm so excited to see my brother and his fiance. Speaking of my brother, he got his first quote! Pretty cool, huh?

How do you feel about Lucy Lu's gown for this year's Golden Globes? It makes me want to play dress up. My roommate is watching her new show, Elementary, and she's catching me up on all the drama so I can watch them too. It's surprisingly better than I had expected. The cases are modern, but the show still maintains a respect for the older, British imitations and character background we all grew up with. The two main characters have an undertone of a romantic relationship and sadly I feel that after a season or two the only reason I'll watch is to see whether or not they end up together. Kind of like How I Met Your Mother. 

I am still watching 30 Rock and am falling more in love with Alec Baldwin every episode. 

Planning a party? Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, or Valentine's Day party? This website has some adorable party items. 

Vogue, 1970. 

Vogue  1970


Ping Pong Balls

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I have posted anything... but here are some things I am still exited about:

Check out this video a friend sent me about pixels taking over the world. Pretty badass.

Our trip to Disneyland and Los Angeles is in 20 days! My adorable boyfriend has been sending me emails daily with a count down and a picture.. like this one below- how wonderful is he!

I have been doing a tons of crafts lately. I made my mom and Frank's mom a wreath for Christmas, each with different season/holiday velrco garnishes- it was pretty adorable. I'll upload some pictures of that soon (I was so excited to give them away that I forgot to take pictures.)

My brother is getting married! I'm not sure how involved I'll be in the helping out stuff, but it at least gives me an excuse to keep expanding my weddings board on Pinterest. Check it out here! (For my future)