Hours of Operation

4/12 Awesome Bedrooms

Which one do YOU like the best?! I think my favorite is the last one : )

Veggies & Brownies

My best friend just recently started a blog and it's random like mine, but totally cute! Here is one of her latest posts that I thought some of my readers would enjoy too.

"Mmm, mmm, GOOD!

Just found something extremely exciting and felt I had to share! On theLodown.com (Lo Bosworth’s blog) she posted a “No Pudge” brownie that I can’t wait to try! There are only 110 calories and no fat! They are made using yogurt! I think they have them in some stores, but may have to get them online. Brownies are hands down my FAVORITE sweet treat! I have been trying really hard to stick to my healthy diet and exercise routine – meaning I can’t remember the last time I had a brownie! If anyone knows where I can go pick up a box, let me know!'

A one-page, vegetable calender? Am I missing something?

Seasonal Vegetables of California / Claire Nereim


TalkLikeLovers- Thanks for making me waste away my evening. SO Adorable!

I just spent 27 minutes looking more into talk like lovers' latest entry. How AMAZING is this company's work?! To answer stated question.... AMAZING!!!!!

Max & Margaux's Sneak Peek #2 from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

(This was one of my favorites ; )

"Like I won something on a game show, over and over and over."

How about another THXTHXTHX update. Hopefully, my love for this blog/idea/woman will make you want to read her blog everyday.

Here are some of my more recent favorites.

Dear Idioms in Foreign Languages

Dear Tall Truck

Dear You

Dear Probable Wood Floor


Hair FORK?

So, I have been looking for a "hair fork" for weeks now. I recently saw the movie Chloe, which I loved, and this further deepened my want for one. These are pretty awful pictures, but... you get the idea.

And obviously... it can be used a defense mechanism if need be.... (I can totally justify buying one of these.)

The only one that I have found, that I even PARTLY like, is this Etsy one. Be on the lookout for a plain silver metal one for me! Thanks! : )

Covered Bridge

Today, I painted a picture of a covered-bridge for my Grandad. We are going to visit that side of the family this weekend : ) Do you like it?


Random Updates now titled "King's to you, Edmund."

I am going to buy something from ModCloth. As much as I LOVE that store and as many times as I "online window shop" through it daily, I need to just bite the bullet and buy something. But I can't decide what it should be! Such a hard decision. I am thinkin' shoes. What are some of y'all's favorites?

Revved Up Heel

Maybe I should keep looking....

Anyways... I have a bunch of movies to watch before heading back to Orlando. Just watched L.A. Confidential (1997). My brother told me that I needed to see it AGES ago and I didn't really want to until I saw that Kevin Spacey and Guy Pierce are leads. Given that I LOVE both of them, I thought that it would be an "okay" flick. While it is, I just didn't appreciate it as much as some might.

To be honest, I didn't really like it. I loved Danny De Vito's narration, and the way Russell Crowe's voice kept getting deeper (IS THIS LEGIT?). But I just couldn't focus. I keep wishing Guy Pierce to end up the central antagonist. Or maybe a mad-jealous 18th century French aristocrat that carries a King chess piece in his pocket. Or even a memory-lapsed widower covered in tattoos permanently confusing and searching for a man he has already found. Or maybe I should just see more of Guy Pierce's work.

I realized the other day that I still have a few things to do for Joly's 15. Wow... a year later! One more "viewing" and two little reviews- I will be finishing this sucker up hopefully in the next few days.

I realize that all of these commercials that I update must make you think that all I do is sit around and watch television... well, you're right. Welcome to my summer! They all seem to be AT&T commercials though.... weird. Here is one more : )

So, just to recap... I like shoes, Russell Crowe's voice, procrastinating, and AT&T commercials. What else do you need to know?